Doctor X - ER On Wheels

Doctor X - ER On Wheels 1.0.3

Take on the role of Doctor's assistant

Doctor X - ER on Wheels is a casual game the whole family can play. Help a large number of emergency patients during the Flu season. The aim of the game is to treat sick and injured patients with equipment and medicine to make them better. There is a range of tasks and activities where virtual prizes can be won to use in the game. Complete each level to advance to the next level.


  • Answer the phone to sick patients calling the Hospital.
  • Help Doctor X to get prepared for the Ambulance run.
  • Use real doctor equipment such as a Stethoscope and X-ray to treat and mend injured or poorly patients.
  • Fix broken equipment.
  • Treat broken bones and have fun decorating the patients' cast.
  • Motivate and reward patients with special bravery stickers.
  • Give patients the correct medicine in the Pharmacy.
  • Have fun driving the Ambulance!
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    The Technicalities

    Doctor X - ER on Wheels is free to play but does have some features which are payable. Please note that parents of children can restrict these features. Downloading this App means the user agrees to the Terms and Conditions of use. reviews 3.5 but mostly 5 star ratings people say amazing fun and cool.

    New Information

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    Doctor X - ER On Wheels


    Doctor X - ER On Wheels 1.0.3

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